Sea Salt & Caramel CBD Popcorn


Kana Korn’s Sea Salt Caramel is popped with coconut oil and fine sea salt. During its cooling process it is sprinkled with larger coarse sea salt crystals. 125mg CBD Per / Bag

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Instructions for Use: Kick Back, Enjoy and Feel the Effects of these delicious CBD Treats.

A made-from-scratch recipe using CBD isolate, real butter, sugars, vanilla and Kana Korn’s secret ingredients creating A golden buttery flavored Treats.

Kana Korn’s owners began the company in Lake Havasu City , Arizona with a dream to open a popcorn store, after an interesting revelation and client success they relocated to Oregon and created Kana Korn. Their Savory CBD Popcorn comes in 3 perfect Flavors to enjoy in ease.

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Weight 4.7 oz


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