Pet CBD Oil


Mission Farms Pet CBD Oil is a blend of Full Spectrum CBD from MF farm and organic Beef Jerky flavoring that will help aging pets feel youthful and anxious pets feel calm. 

600mg CBD, 1oz, Beef Jerky Flavor

Gently shake, then add the Pet CBD Oil to your pet’s food, a treat, or dispense into their mouth. Use the graduated dropper to measure out drops or milliliters, based on the chart below. Start with these dosing  recommendations. Gradually, increase dose and frequency as needed. 

Recommended Dose :

  • Small Pets – 5 Drop Per 10 lbs 
  • Large Pets – .25ml Per 20 lbs


Ingredients : 

  • Organic MCT Coconut Oil — In addition to its many health benefits, this coconut oil bonds to the CBD and increases absorption.
  • Hemp Extract — The Full Spectrum CBD comes from our farms in Bend, OR. It is farmed organically and free of pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, and mold. 
  • Organic Beef Jerky Flavor — Smokey and delicious. Mmmm.

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Weight 2.8 oz


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